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SCRP Org Structure.png

SCRP Ecosystem

The SCRP ECOSYSTEM is made up of 5 key stakeholders:

  • Platform Manager

  • SCRP Governing Body

  • Collaborators

  • Professional Members 

  • Adopting Organisations


Platform Manager is the organization and group of people who are responsible for SCRP's inception, structural development and service deployment. Platform Manager's key responsibility is continuous innovation in methods, techniques, service design and education programs. Platform Manager invests in the development of technological tools to enhance collaboration and fair reward system. It is the legal sponsor of SCRP business dealings and the force that differentiates SCRP from any other organization. 


SCRP Governing Body is made up of the Committee, Councils and the Secretariat that execute the operations of SCRP. The governing body creates a hierarchy of that dictate the technical decisions and the manner in which services are deployed. It is the cornerstone of excellence in SCRP's value chain:

Advisory Council consists of eminent professionals and academicians who are appointed based on their exceptional achievements in areas that SCRP wants to breakthrough. Their knowledge and expertise can contribute significantly to managing societal risks. They advise SCRP on risk-related engagements and provide leadership for important projects.

Education Council is made up of long-time professionals and academicians who have in-depth experience in managing training and certification programs. They help boost learning experiences and the quality of the SCRP certification program. They also function as examiners and occasional trainers.

Central Committee members are individuals who are committed to SCRP's philosophy and values. They are the leaders who believe that SCRP risk management methods can make the world a better place. Their key role is to strengthen collaboration, develop gateways into businesses and governments and promote SCRP in official functions. Central Committee members are SCRP officials who are formally registered in the Registrar of Societies.

Secretariat ensures communication and internal services are properly executed. The Secretariat serves the Platform Manager, SCRP Governing Body, Collaborators and Professional Members. It also functions as the transaction processing centre for the SCRP Ecosystem. Contracts, billing, payments and events are managed by the Secretariat.   

Collaborators are parties that form the backbone of SCRP risk-related services.  SCRP Platform Partners and Independent Consultants who play a key part in deploying SCRP's risk-related services to our clients. They are specialist organizations and talented individuals who collectively complete the SCRP value chain.

Professional Members are individuals who desire to learn risk management techniques to solve problems and create better outcomes from economic, environmental and social perspectives. They will be a new breed of professionals whom leaders would turn to when they are faced with challenges. 

Adopting Organizations are corporate enterprises and government bodies who are willing to adopt SCRP's risk management framework, methodology and techniques. They are committed to excellence in systematic and scientific decision-making techniques. They want to adopt innovation principles in their organization to stay ahead and exemplify leadership. 

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