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Platform Manager


SCRP is a non-profit organization that pursues multidisciplinary collaboration in managing risks. This pursuit requires significant development efforts and resources. Attracting, managing and rewarding professionals from different background to render service under a unified risk management model calls for systems generalization. Generalization is a scientific process that leads to automation.

A developmental model such as this needs a lead party to first invest, build and implement a sustainable economic model for the ecosystem. SCRP's Constitution has provided the case for commercial pursuits, albeit non-profit. For a commercial model to be sustainable, a reward mechanism has to be in place.

SCRP's existence is to address Malaysia's socioeconomic issues with novel ideas and innovations envisioned by its founder. SCRP's partnership model brings together scientific and industry professionals to invest their resources to solve high-impact problems. Collectively, SCRP provides a robust, transdisciplinary platform to serve large organizations and government agencies that did not have the resources to address macro issues. 

The SCRP Platform Manager

Platform Manager is the organization that is responsible for SCRP's inception, infrastructure and service design. Platform Manager's key responsibility is to continuously develop methods, techniques, services and educational programs. Platform Manager invests in the development of technological tools to enhance collaboration. It is also the legal sponsor of SCRP business dealings and the key differentiation between SCRP and other societies. 

The SCRP model is designed based on 20 years' field observations in enterprise risk management engagements involving global companies in the region. Risk management can only be effective through cooperative efforts because risk cuts across disciplines. It involves both problem analysis and solution. Problem-solving requires innovation, another concept that makes collaboration vital.

Platform Manager's main role is to implement a transdisciplinary work environment where a client could get the best knowledge expertise without relying on a generalist or non-specialist to take on the multidisciplinary roles. Platform Manager will not be directly involved in client services. It exists to enhance and manage cooperation between SCRP stakeholders. Its main work is platform development and implementation, not providing professional services. The responsibility of service provision rest with our platform partners, independent consultants and our advisory councils.

SCRP Reward Mechanism

SCRP is a non-profit organization and it relies on services to sustain its knowledge ecosystem. Work involves development, operations and administration. Developmental work refers to cooperative efforts and technological investments. Operational work refers to rendering services, execution of collaborative policies and implementation of education programs. Administrative work refers to transaction processing and events management. 

Participants within the SCRP ecosystem shall be rewarded based on a set of baseline criteria and work contributions:

01. Organisational Design & Deployment
Collaborative and legal framework, reward mechanism, gathering of experts, workflow management, leadership and strategies. Overall intellectual property development.
Platform Manager
02. Service Development
Service design and modification, scope and tools development, technical updates, academic curricular and syllabus.
Platform Manager
03. Marketing Communication
Website development, social media maintenance, search engine optimization, brochure development, web domain maintenance.
Platform Manager, Platform Partner
04. Service Lead
Functions and event attendance, lead creation, follow-up and prospect communication.
Committee, Councils
05. Pitch & Meetings
Proposal presentation development, sales pitch meetings.
Platform Manager, Council, Platform Partners
06. Account Acquisition
Deal negotiation and contract signing.
Platform Manager
07. Contract Management
Work package development and dissemination to partners and consultants, dispute resolution.
Platform Manager
08. Service Design
Customized service development and deployment steps at service initiation stage.
Platform Partner, Council, Independent Consultant
09. Project Planning & Control
Timing and cost control, confidentiality and communication control, delivery control and reporting.
Platform Manager
10. Account Management
Communication on client expectations, the go-to person between client and SCRP, client meetings.
Platform Partner
11. Service Deployment
Service rendering, report development and submission, service sign-off.
Platform Partner, Independent Consultant
12. Coaching & Supervision
Coaching and guiding field consultants including apprentices, performance evaluation and reporting.
Council, Independent Consultant
13. Report Signing
Lead project consultant, signing off report
Platform Partner, Independent Consultant
14. Service Review & Advisory
Technical and service advisory
Advisory Council
15. Training Development
Assessment of apprentice work performance, technical accreditation and certification examination.
Education Council
16. Billing & Payment
Invoicing and billing, collection and payment, service tax administration.
17. Development Fund
SCRP development projects, travel, sponsors and conference participation.
Council, Committee, Secretariat

In a risk management project, revenue sharing shall be determined based on the service components. SCRP has 26 risk-related services under 5 categories. A baseline has been set for each category but each service type under a client project may involve a different mix of service components. As such, prior to an engagement, all expectations will be agreed upon by project participants.


Revenue shall be distributed according to the contribution and efforts of each service component. The demarcation above also ensures that ecosystem partners do not encroach into other areas unless consensus has been obtained. This boundary of roles and responsibilities within the SCRP Ecosystem provides clarity to our distribution policy. Developmental, operational and service works are rewarded accordingly.

Participating on the Platform

Any party that can propose any new technological tools or methods that can contribute towards the advancement of the SCRP platform. Investors, researchers and innovators are also welcomed.

About Prognos Ceope

Prognos Ceope comes from a long line of risk management service tradition. Founders of Prognos Ceope were pioneers of risk management practices since 1997 and have served more than 50 publicly listed corporations including one of the world's 10 largest corporations. It was the first Malaysian enterprise risk management service provider that exported its knowledge to Singapore, Japan and China.

In 2010, Ceope developed an enterprise risk management system based on artificial intelligence concepts, adopting Bayesian models to prioritize conditional events. It was named the top 5 enterprise software technology in Best Infrastructure Application Category under the Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

Prognos Ceope is active in engaging with the scientific community and government authorities even though it operates in the enterprise market. It champions the idea of innovation as the key concept of risk treatment. Prognos Ceope has developed a blockchain-based expert notarization system to make possible involvement of multiple experts on a single attestation engagement. It has also developed a public-driven data mining platform for community wealth creation. Prognos Ceope is active in developing platforms for the sharing economy, territorial community assets, distributed technologies and autonomous organizations. It is also active in regulatory innovations particularly regtech and sandboxes. 

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